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You may clean your interior windows regularly, but how often do you wash them from the outside? Dirty exterior windows means more opportunities for mold and mildew, less natural light, and even dampened spirits. Let O'Healy Professional Services shine the light in with professionally cleaned windows!

OHealy Pressure washing-18

Utilizing proper squeegee techniques and

years of experience!

Our method of window cleaning guarantees you a longer-lasting clean, free of smudges, grime, or streaks. From the roof to the ceiling, from tiny to enormous, there's no window we can't get to.

While our services focus on the exterior, we're more than happy to provide interior window cleaning services as well!


Better Air Quality

Window cleaning prevents the build-up of mold or other harmful material particles. Those materials can lead to respiratory issues, so clean your windows for cleaner air!


Glass Won’t Degrade

Did you know that mineral stains can cause glass degradation? This can weaken and corrode the glass over time. Regular window cleaning can put a stop to glass degradation.


Clean Windows, Happier People

Having clean windows not only provide you with a better view of the outside, but can boost your mood by allowing more sunlight into your building!


O’Healy Professional Services are the go-to exterior experts in East Tennessee.  Where you get the O’Healy Promise every time:

  • Free Maintenance Plan- have an exterior expert come to you to provide an in-depth, free maintenance plan for your home.
  • Upfront Pricing. You'll never get a surprise bill with O’Healy’s upfront estimates. We stand by our quoted prices.
  • Satisfaction Guarantee (You don’t have to pay until you’re satisfied with the service provided.)
  • Flexible scheduling. Don’t waste your day waiting on your services to be completed.

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