Joint Sealants

The elements can do a lot of damage to your building if there are cracks, fissures, or holes in the structure.

Joint sealant is more than just a technical term for caulking a hole. This is the material that protects dirt, water, heat, and even sound from making its way through cracks and fissures in your walls and windows. It protects the integrity of your commercial building, and should not be overlooked as something of small importance.

O'Healy Professional Services can remove old, expired joint sealants and even replace old outdated backer rods.

Our top of the line silicone or urethane joint sealant will then be applied as a replacement.  We do our best to ensure that our joint sealant applications are done smoothly and carefully so that they can easily be painted over or covered, depending on our clients' preferences.


Water Damage

Joint sealants can prevent water damage that can hurt the structure of your building. Keep rot away by renewing your joint sealant!


Mold and Mildew

Mold and mildew can grow where water comes in, creating an unhealthy environment. Renewed joint sealant can help prevent that!


Higher Utility Bills

Sealing up cracks or fissures in your building’s walls, roofs, or other exterior surfaces can stop heat or cold air from escaping your building or facility!

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