Residential Exterior Services

Everyone Deserves an Excellent Exterior

You deserve a haven that you can be proud of.

With O’Healy Professional Services,

you don’t have to choose between convenient, affordable and excellence.


Where we take the effort out of curb appeal. It’s not just good looks, but it’s proper maintenance on your home’s exterior.



With over ten years experience in the field, O’Healy Professional Services has handled countless complex structures. That means lots of experience working for you.


O'Healy Professional Services takes the effort out of home ownership.  Backed by years of experience, our cleaning expertise can increase the value of your home by stopping and even undoing property damage caused by unclean conditions.


When you have an expert, they do a lot with a little which means more value at a lower cost. Let our expertise save you money today.


Where we take the effort out of maintenance. It doesn’t just look pretty, but your exterior is professionally maintained to increase longevity.


Why risk your safety? Without proper equipment and training, many necessary maintenance activities can be dangerous. The exterior experts with O’Healy Professional Services are equipped for all the challenges your home may bring.


O’Healy Professional Services are the go-to exterior experts in East Tennessee.  Where you get the O’Healy Promise every time:

  • Free Maintenance Plan- have an exterior expert come to you to provide an in-depth, free maintenance plan for your home.
  • Upfront Pricing. You'll never get a surprise bill with O’Healy’s upfront estimates. We stand by our quoted prices.
  • Satisfaction Guarantee (You don’t have to pay until you’re satisfied with the service provided.)
  • Flexible scheduling. Don’t waste your day waiting on your services to be completed.

House Washing

Does the exterier of your home need some TLC? Let the expert staff of O'Healy Professional Services clean your vinyl siding, gutters, soffits and fascia.


Pressure Washing

We use state of the art, topline surface cleaners for driveways and concrete. With our equipment, if something is able to be removed with pressure washing, we'll get it!


Roof Cleaning

Your roof is a huge investment for your home.  Let the O'Healy Professional Services experts make your roof look great while avoiding potential damage.


Window Cleaning

There's no window we can't get to! High or low, O'Healy Professional Services can clean all of your windows.




Gutter Cleaning

Your gutters  investment for your home.  Let the O'Healy Professional Services experts make your roof look great while avoiding potential damage.


Dryer Vent Cleaning

Protect your home and your wallet! Dryer vent cleaning helps keep your home safe and efficient. It can reduce the cost of energy bills as well as decrease fire hazards. Schedule a dryer vent cleaning appointment today!

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