Exterior Repairs (tuck-pointing)

Correcting issues with your brickwork makes a big difference in not only the appearance,

Does your exterior brick need repairs? O'Healy Professional Services understands the importance of keeping your brick structures in good shape, not only structurally, but for their appearance as well. That's why we provide tuckpointing as part of our services.

Tuckpointing is the process of removing any mortar that has deteriorated due to time and the elements and replacing it.

This is useful for not only maintaining the look of your brick, but for ensuring cost-effective measures against mortar corrosion. Mortar corrosion can cause many problems, such as allowing an entry point for water and weakening the overall stability of your brick.

Our tuckpointing services give you a cost-effective way of preventing future issues with your brick structures. Everything from chimneys to walls can be repaired with tuckpointing, and we'll even ensure that the mortar is filed down to match the rest of the brickwork. We'll also make sure that the color matches the previous mortar, giving you a uniform look to your building while still saving you potentially thousands of dollars worth of future damage.


Save Your Brickwork

Tuckpointing can lengthen the life of your brickwork. This is especially important if you are trying to preserve the integrity of your building!


Old vs. New

You don’t have to wait until the mortar in your brickwork is deteriorated to have tuckpointing done! Have new mortar put in place before the trouble starts!


Save Money!

Tuckpointing is the best way to save money on your stone or brick structure maintenance. Weakened mortar can destroy your building!

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